One of the most important tools for my students is the highlighter. When we look at a math problem, we want to focus on what is being asked. If the students can understand the the question, they can zero in on the facts, make a plan to solve it and start to see if their answer is reasonable.

So, pick up the pen and find what the question is. Highlight that. Turn and talk to your partner. What is the focus of the problem you have to solve? 

Use your highlighter to locate the information that is important. Turn and share with your partner or group, what you think is important. 

What is better than a highlighter? TWO highlighters! One for the question and one for the key information!

In Kurzweil, you have yellow, green, magenta, cyan (blue) and orange, as well as a blue and a red circling tool! Very cool. These are located on the green toolbar. The bar can be clicked shut when not needed. 
Students will need a learning period on developing the skill of highlighting just the key words and not everything, and in learning how to erase. Give them a purpose for highlighting. For instance, find all the words and phrases that describe the setting.

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