Summer Schedule

Children with ASD are aided by visual schedules. These are pictures, photos, or words that set out the different things that will happen during the day. Check out the links below for ideas and examples. Some of the sites have free printable images. If these are placed on a magnet or velcro strip, they can be easily changed as the activity has ended, or a new one needs to be added.

This gives the child an idea of what is going to happen in the day. It helps to make the transition smooth, and sometimes, because it is on the schedule, the child knows it is going to happen because "it says so." Build in preferred activities, especially after something that is stressful. For instance, going to the grocery store can be before going on the swing or on the trampoline. Add in the sensory activities that are calming.

Geneva Center Visual Aids Gallery   |  Do To Learn Visuals   |  Links  |    Images of Restaurants    |

Of course, with there are apps available, if you have access to a tablet, or phone. Technology is great, but there is a learning curve. Here is one site that demonstrates by video how to add images and sound to create a visual schedule. They provide a video showing you how many of the app work that will build language and engage children, using iPad or other tablets of phones.

Let's share. Leave a comment telling what you use and what you recommend.

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