Using Kurzweil

Are you introducing Kurzweil to a group of students?
Help is on the way. Here are some first steps that will help students get used to using Kurzweil, without overwhelming them, or you!
Open Kurzweil. Choose File/Open. Click on the document you want them to read. Make it a short 2 page word document or place a KESI file, with an image on it. Orient the page to the view:100% is a good start. That is in the middle of the blue opening toolbar.
First, teach them the tool bars. (Blue has the reading tools with the arrow to read and the pause icon.)
Let them listen to the voices at a later time, because they will want to play with it! Choose VW Paul or VWKate and let them choose one of these.  That is enough choice for now!
Choose Self-paced.
Choose Sentence. This keeps the students' hands on the mouse and focused on the text.
Make the reading rate 130 words per minute. They can increase it or decrease it later.
Bring the arrow keys to their attention to turn the next page, or click the 1 button to get back to the first page.
Notice the read button. Use that to listen. 
The purpose of the image is just to bring their attention that they will have images that also give information, but Kurzweil skips over these!

Give them time to explore. Then call their attention and ask them some simple questions about the text. Answer orally.

Listen to the text again using a different voice. Decide on a voice today!
Can they move to the next page? Can they put their cursor in front of a word you call out?
Do they hear any words that the computer doesn't pronounce properly? That's right--the computer is not quite as smart as they are! It is a tool--so, you need to be thinking and evaluating if something doesn't sound right and make a judgement about that!

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