Making Choices

It is important to give children choices early in life. It is also important for them to live with the choices they make. What type of choices are safe and make sense to children? Well, toys are a good place to start. Do you want this toy or that one to play with this morning? Let your child choose, then remove the other toy out of sight. That is it. No other choices, for that play period. Even if the child is whining for the other one, it won't be long before he or she realizes that you aren't going to give in. A choice was made, and that is it.

Other choices around food, might be: Do you want 3 green beans or 4 green beans? Do you want a hard boiled egg or a very hard boiled egg? You child will learn that he or she has some control in life, but these are not life threatening, or illegal! Sometimes, it might be necessary to give in, if the choice really doesn't work out, but sometimes, you just have to stick to the decision that was made.

These are small decisions, which lets a child realize that making a choice results in some control, yet has a consequence. Learning that we all make poor decisions in life is a life truth. Practise making decisions where the consequences are fairly easy to live with, and your child will gain confidence in his or her own decision making skills.

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