Prep for the Summer

If your child is staying home for the summer holidays, it is tempting to just let the days roll out and see what happens. For some kids, this is just fine. They can find ways of amusing themselves, without resorting to TV and video games, and other types of screen time. If they can find things to do that include playing outside, being with friends, and checking in regularly with you, or playing within your supervision, well, lucky you!

For many kids, having a routine is a very safe thing. Get up at a regular time, insist on the morning routine of breakfast, washing, making the bed and brushing teeth, as usual. Then plan out, in general terms what choices the kids have. It is holidays! But, you need to set the limits, and you need to make it fit with your life, which includes errands, job and meal times.

Create a schedule, with the help of your kids, if possible. Make it simple, with some choices. But, some things should be non-negotiable: like mealtimes. Also, what is your expectation regarding having friend over, or your child's physical boundaries in the neighborhood, or in the yard?

Schedule part of each day for quiet time. Perhaps a nap, but provide the good books and quiet games that kids need. It is OK to hear that your child complains of being bored. This is the time where he or she has to learn to spend time with him/herself. It is important.

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