Reading to Our Kids

It often happens that when we think our kids should be reading on their own, we stop reading to them. It is so important to read to kids at any age. Think of the rich conversations you can have when you are reading good quality books to your child. You are modeling your thinking as you read. It's possible you might question a character's choices, or actions. What does your child think? What predictions do you make as you read?

You can also model good reading strategies: losing your place, not 'getting' something, going back to re-read a part. These are all strategies that good readers do to monitor their own comprehension and to make sense of the book. Model an 'Aha!' moment. "Hey, now I know why that locket was so important!"

These strategies are being taught in school, but what a jolt a child gets, when he sees his dad or mom using the same methods of making sense out of text in a home context.

So, share books and articles with your kids. Try non-fiction, especially if your child is a non-reader! Most non-readers think they are non-readers because they don't read chapter books. Teach them that reading counts, no matter what your passion!

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