Social Stories

Social Stories were developed by Carol Gray. You can reach a link to her site here.

I use social stories a lot, with the students in our school. I usually find out what the issues are, and then develop a story based on the principles that Carol Gray outlines. These help to teach specific ways of dealing with a problem and help a child to recognize his feelings and act appropriately. He is also taught the perspectives of others in the framework of the social story.

One version I created was for a child whose mom was trying a gluten-free diet. He had a beautiful lunch prepared for him, but still wanted to take from the "Snack Bin" provided by our community partners.

Some of the stories that were needed involved a young student who really liked a girl, but was behaving inappropriately. Also, other kids were teasing him about how honest he was in declaring his love for her. He really needed to know what was appropriate to say, and do, and how to react when other kids teased him. We also developed a 'rule' in our school, that the principal reinforced with him that students could not date until they were in high school. That's right, we shoved the problem to high school. His mom was very happy with that!

We read the story to him every day, and his mom read the story to him at night, until the problem diminished. It was handled sensitively, but clearly, so that he could understand and not get into trouble. By learning intellectually what to do in a situation, it became easier for all of us to help him recognize the situation and use one of the strategies from the story.

If you want copies of these, leave a comment and I will send them to you, or email me at

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