Homework Routines

I know that homework is a controversial subject--but,  I'd like to present a different approach to 'homework'. Think of having a time set aside in every day to complete, review, initiate, or enjoy an interest. If we can set aside an appropriate amount of time, where there is nothing competing for our attention so that we can accomplish something each day--could that be called 'homework'?

So, imagine that you give your child the gift of learning how to stop the 'busy-ness' of life for an age appropriate time to accomplish something. That could be reading, listening to a book or to music, writing, drawing, practising a skill: any subject; and working independently for that time.

This could start as early as 3 years old. You set a visual timer when the child is doing something enjoyable, and call it 'homework'. Then, you build in something that has to be done--putting toys away--homework! Set the timer, and walk away. Keep the times short.

If you can build up the time, as the child grows older, and make that time sacred for doing some type of 'work', it becomes second nature. Set the same time every day. No TV, no computer, no chores, no interruptions. Get the whole family involved--we all need a quiet time in the day.

When your child has actual homework, he/she is able to use that time to do the work in that time space, where his or her attention is already built up to doing something alone.

Create the space. Build the time. Set a time limit. This builds independence. You can still have time to do things together, but true homework, should be an independent work time for a child to review, complete work, or study.

More to come on this idea of homework--especially when it becomes assigned from school.

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