Fairness has nothing to do with it!

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When children are are in a class that is integrated with a child with special needs, I have never heard a child complain that things are not fair. Children instinctively know that sometimes people need modifications or accommodations in place to allow someone to achieve. Children get this idea.

Unfortunately, we sometimes have difficulty meeting the needs of all our students. Teachers and board officials might be frustrated because in order to give what a child needs in order to be successful, more personnel is needed--and that is often not in the budget. Planning lessons for the variety of levels in a classroom takes time and ingenuity. With a child on a completely different level or learning style, more time, planning and creative solutions are needed on top of that.
To avoid feeling defeated, a teacher really needs to take time as soon as possible, to consult with everyone available: Principals, Consultants, Parents, Former Teachers and, especially Teacher Assistants.
It is fair, if the child needs a separate program, to find one and use it. It is fair, to provide frequent breaks. It is fair to provide time for relaxation, or short rewards for a task accomplished. Not all students need these to the same degree. Fair is everybody getting what they need in order to be successful. 

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