Fluidity in Relationships

Relationships are so fluid. As a parent, I worry about the relationship my child has to build with his teacher and other school staff. My child often spends more time in the classroom, than the time awake at home!

As a teacher, even with a large class, you get to know your students quite well, and surprisingly quickly! But, some teachers have a special talent for finding the 'truth' about a student. There are teachers who see past the behaviors and look for the special talents and interests of a student. These are the stories you hear in the staff room. These teachers defend their students from any other negative comments or generalizations we all tend to make about people, based on limited experience with them.

Another thing that surprises me, is how quickly those same children you have taught for ten months, build new relationships with the next teacher. It is a very good thing to make these transitions. Over the years, I have taught many students, and am proud to say I can't always remember every one of them. That is because I have built relationships with others--and no one has the memory bank or the energy to keep every person in a 'working relationship' unless the contact is regular.

So, don't worry about your child if a transition has to occur at any time of the year. Teachers go on maternity or paternity leave; change positions; move--and so might you. Our children are resilient. It may take some time. You will be vigilant and notice any mood swings, or other changes and act on that. But, know that relationships are fluid, and that is a good thing!

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