Get Outside

Did you know that kids actually cheer when they hear there is going to be an indoor recess? Yes, kids cheer and teachers groan. Why would kids want to stay inside their classroom--the same one that they would give anything to leave while they are in the middle of a lesson? Well, it is my observation that many kids do not come to school dressed properly for the weather. Since many of them are driven to school, they may not bring hats, mitts, and the warmest coat. So, just like adults, they are simply too cold to want to stay outside. Every year, we have to chase kids out of the bathroom, as they are really hiding in there warming up! So please, check out your child's wardrobe and make sure he or she knows how to buton, zip, pull on boots and tie the hat on. Go for walks or play an outdoor game in the cold as a family. It is ok to like cold weather--if we are dressed right, and know how to keep moving! By all means, check with your child to see if there are any other issues: conflicts, bullying, not having friends, but make sure the basics are covered.

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