No Simple Solution

I know that the tragedy of the massacre of 20 precious children and the 6 adults who care for them in school is beyond reasoning. 

The solution is not simple: not just gun control, certainly not arming principals, and not just locking up our schools. 

It is a complex situation that involves access to mental health services, recognition of warning signs, effects of isolation. 

Were there warning signs? When did they start to show? What should we, as parents, teachers, friends recognize as something that does not seem quite right? Who is studying this? These thoughts are going round and round in my mind.

To all the parents and teachers of children with Aspergers', I know that the news report that suggested that the killer had a diagnosis of Aspergers', must have sent a chill into your heart. To the public who are just beginning to have an awareness of this Spectrum Disorder, this horrendous act cannot be simplified into a simple cause and effect. 

So, we need to get our best minds working on what leads to someone turning on others, prior to ending his own life. In the meantime, let's work on compassion and empathy. Teach inclusion. Be careful how you react to others--you are a role model for your children or students.

How can we learn from this tragedy, so that it never happens again?

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