Books with Power

I'd like to get some feedback regarding the books that really influenced you when you read them as a child. I know that Anne of Green Gables made me mindful of looking at the beauty of the world around us, and trying to find the 'poetic' words to describe what I was seeing. But, there are other books that gave me a glimpse into worlds or events that had not touched me, yet built empathy for the characters. In Grade 10, I read Neville Schute's book called The Legacy, renamed A Town Like Alice and made into a series and a movie. It gave me an understanding of the will to survive and remain human despite poor treatment. There is some research that provides evidence for the importance of fictional stories to build empathy and understanding for others. (For the life of me, I can't remember where I read it, but am searching for it. If you know, please leave a comment!) So, what books had or have that kind of power for you?

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