Going on a Holiday? Don't ask for homework.

There are deals to be had by traveling outside the March Break, and no one can fault a family for choosing to save some money and taking advantage of these deals.

Sometimes I hear teachers complain about what kids will miss at school during that time. But, our wisest teachers know that a week or even two weeks of travel or family time has its own advantages. First of all, most people who take advantage of these deals, do so because two jobs are held during the year to pay for this. So, time spent with parents is valuable--way more important that a science unit, or a math concept.

Second, sometimes I complained as a teacher, only because parents wanted the work that the child was going to miss. Scurrying around to prepare work that a child could do independently is a waste of my time. Because, undoubtedly the child will miss something, and it is not realistic to think that a few worksheets will cover the depth of discovery or step by step lesson plan that will build the concepts. Sorry, but you can't replace the classroom teaching. But, life is important, too.

Go, enjoy your child on the vacation. Don't load her up with worksheets, thinking that she really isn't missing anything. She is, but her time with you is valuable. Travel is educational. Talking and spending time with your child, exposing him to new cultures is irreplaceable.

Read to your child. Provide paper, pencils, crayons, camera, sand bucket and shovel. Talk. Build memories and experiences that will enrich the imagination. She will bring that back to the classroom. Your teacher will thank you for that.

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