Snow Days: A Slice of Life

I recently moved to New Brunswick, Canada from Barrie, Ontario, Canada. I taught in a city school which never had a snow day--we were expected to be at school.

But snow days have a magical quality, even if you are expected to get to your job. First of all, we share the stories of shoveling, getting caught in a snowbank, overcoming adversity, being Canadian!

There is an excitement, a joy in knowing that you can get through the snow, the wind, the white-outs, and still make it to school. The kids also share that excitement, and solidarity in knowing that they have a special relationship with you as survivors, conquerers of the blizzard!

It is a chance to be less formal, more individual with your students. You can take the time to play, clean up, organize, take out the messy paints and just explore. There is a relaxation with having fewer students, and you take the time to talk about dreams, desires, worries.

A teacher comes and offers to take your students, so that you can have sadly needed planning time. But, really, it is lovely having time just to get to know your hardy students. You don't want to let them go. You don't want to have to pay back your colleague by taking in her students reciprocally, because you are loving the time with your own.

Snow days. Worth the danger of driving to school, when the buses are canceled. Love those kids!

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