Reaching out to Parents of All types of children

Sometimes it is hard to know what to say, when a friend has a child with special needs. Your child is accomplishing regular milestones, and their child is delayed, sometimes severely delayed. Or, you catch yourself complaining about a typical annoying behavior, in front of a friend who would love to be able to complain that their child does the same thing. It seems embarrassing, right?

Well, one of the gifts that most parents with special needs have is compassion for others. They know that the world doesn't stop, because their child is not going through the typical stages that most children go through.

Be a friend. Once in a while, acknowledge that your complaints are often frivolous. But that is what friends do, they gripe and whine about things together. They also laugh and cheer each other up.

Be interested in all the children. Ask questions. Be curious, without being invasive. If the child is medically fragile, ask about touching or holding the child. Talk to the child.

We sometimes don't ask, or touch, or reach out because we are afraid of hurting the parent's feelings. But, listening, watching how parents respond to their own children will give you a clue. Ask with an open heart.

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