Getting Your Child Prepared for Summer

school closed for summer
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We all think that summer holiday must be the best time for children, and that might be very true. But, this is a big change for children.

Throughout the year, there has been strong routines, both at home and at school. There has been relationships built between the children and their teachers. Also, strong friendships have been formed with classmates. There has been structures in place in the home to get up at a certain time, follow a flow to get ready to leave the house, and mealtimes have been fairly routine. Bedtime has been mostly at a regular time. Possibly chores and outside recreation, such as sports or other lessons have helped to add to the structure and routine of the year.

All this changes for children facing the summer. Depending on the age, there may be a longer time spent at a daycare, or sitter. Summer camps may be scheduled, each one providing new routines and relationships, and rules. The day might seem very long with less structure in the day. Does your child know how to play? Does he or she have access to children his or her own age? Can he or she maintain some of the same strong friendships that were made at school?

Talk to you child about any worries he might have about what the summer might look like. What changes will he have to deal with? How much vacation time will you have to spend with your child?

We all think that summer days can be a time to do what we want, but for children the days might seem endless, if there is 'nothing to do'. So, what alternatives can your child come up with when he or she if feeling bored? What routines can be set up to help with some structure?

What do you do to get your child comfortable with the idea of summer holidays? Share your ways of preparing your child for a stress-free, happy summer.

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