Presents for Teachers and Teacher Assistants

When I was teaching in an elementary school, I was very aware that parents did not always have the extra cash to buy a present for a teacher. I was always distressed that parents would take their valuable time to go shopping. Believe me, I appreciated every gift, but often wished that the parent would have spent less, or chose to just write a note of appreciation. Also, any gift that I can use in the classroom is money and time in my pocket. So, think of what your child has done over the year, and think of the supplies that the teacher may have provided her class that was beyond the class budget.

And, if your child has a special education teaching assistant, the relationship you build with this person is invaluable. Show your support with words. I have seen so many TAs that truly put their hearts and souls into their job, but are not seen as the 'primary' teacher. And yet, they are always intervening to make your child's day as positive as possible.

So, here are heartfelt gifts that will be much appreciated:

1. Thank you note: especially if it included a specific example of something that you child loved doing in class. . . .    Also, include:
2. A thank you note from the child. If you have taken time to help your child to write a short note, it makes me feel so thankful. Also, it is good manners and a helpful skill for your child.
3. A favorite book title--a used book that you are recommending!
4. A gift of a book for our class library.
5. Craft supplies for the classroom.
6. A gift certificate for a bookstore, or art store, or iTunes.
7. Seeds or replantings from your garden.
8. Pencils, pens, fancy paper, thank you notepaper, note cards, magnetic clips, etc
9. fancy scissors
10. Good pencil crayons, markers, chalk pastels, sharpies, dry erase markers.

Again, some of the above are ones that cost money. But, the ones that take time or show that you know what my hobbies are that I have shared with your child, are the ones that truly show that we have built a relationship over the year.

Really, thanks and a personal note of appreciation tops the list!

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