Take time to read this summer!

One of the best things about summer is that it gives you time to read. Perhaps, being outside, sitting in the shade allows us the space to grab a book and fall into the world created within the pages.

Libraries are open and often have great programs for kids and teens. Take advantage of them. Browse the shelves and choose a variety of fiction and non-fiction. Try a biography. Check out the lists of books that are recommended: If you like this author/genre, then you might like these . . . 

Pick up a recipe book; read about a new hobby. Give a poet a try! Take out an art book and explore the photos of the artists' paintings, prints or photos. Feast your eyes on the intricate details of animal photography from the smallest insects to soaring eagles.

Take out a favorite book from your childhood and re-read it! Try a new children's author! Read to your spouse! Read to your child. Share a favorite poem and practice reading it, so you can have a poetry cafe with your family. Memorize a passage or poem. Make those words come alive!

For our children, the value of seeing their parents lost in books, sharing ideas from the page, and taking delight in the ideas of others is a powerful influence. Share the ideas, disagree with the characters' choices, admire the courage of explorers, inventors, and people who meet challenges with grace and justice. Or just laugh at comic adventures or joke and riddle books!

Ah . . .  summer reading!

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