Back to School Sales

It wasn't even the end of July, when I started seeing the ads for Back To School Sales!!!!

I do realize that there are different school calendars, but this rush to buy, buy, buy is really depressing. I have heard parents talk about the amount they spend on new clothes, school supplies and shoes. Parents: spend your money on fairly good shoes, inexpensive clothes, and wait before you actually need to buy supplies. Pencils are always needed, as are silent sharpeners.

These are essential school needs:

1. Comfortable running shoes for the gym that do not go outdoors
2. Lots of good pencils and a silent sharpener
3. A sketchbook and colored pencils
4. Let your child try out a pen, or sharpie marker to see if it 'fit's her hand and temperment.
5. A pencil case and a pair of paper scissors, some tape and highlighters.
6. Library pass and guaranteed drives to the library every week or two.
7. A schedule which includes no screen time at home for specific hours of the evening.
8. A place to put notices, book bags, and a place to pick up notices, lunch, and signed forms.
9. Time to talk about everyone's day, with a meal together.

Don't buy the most expensive clothes or shoes. When kids lose their clothes, they will not identify theirs from the lost and found tables. It always belongs to someone else. Binders often are just too big for the space kids have. Buy a washable back pack and wash it once a month, minimum.

Teachers see lots of money spent on fancy school supplies that are not needed. Wait a week before buying loads of paper, notebooks, binders, etc.

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