Damaging but Real attitudes toward math

Education: EDUC115N How to Learn Math is a free course offered by Dr. Jo Boaler at Stanford University. This course is so important for parents and teachers to view, and hopefully take part.

My friend, and math mentor when I was teaching is Kit Luce. It was her friendship that allowed me to admit my anxiety in teaching math. She gave me the confidence to go to her when I did not understand what the math was about that I was supposed to be teaching. This was a huge gift. Too often, we teachers were taught math badly, and are passing on attitudes and poor math knowledge to our students. We don't want to, but not everyone has a friend who is non-judgmental and allows us to ask for help.

This course will start you on your journey to confidence in math. One of the assignments is to create a concept map based on what students say and feel about math. This is my response to this assignment.

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