Fashion Faux Pas

When I retired, I bought myself a basic Janome sewing machine. Time to do something I had enjoyed when I was younger, had more time and needed to develop new skills. Who knew that it would become a way to meet new people, provide tactile satisfaction, build new neurological pathways--at least I hope it is!

I have made a number of fashion faux pas with my machine. When I was invited to my friends' wedding, I was determined to sew myself a shirt waisted long dress, which was all the style in the late '70s. I love turquoise and mauves, and found a beautiful (in my mind) organza type fabric with a little velveteen embossing on it. Of course I had to line it, as it was see through. I thought it worked beautifully, but realized years later, that it really was fabric that people used for kitchen curtains--you know, embossed, a little see through, and kind of stiff. Luckily, no photos!

Here is a photo of a shawl that I made as part of a mystery knit-along. Normally, I love this designer's patterns, but this one was just wrong for me. And, after reading all the other members' posts, I must have been the only one not to be totally in love with this design.

 My sister-in-law suggested I shouldn't wear it with my exercise clothes, but really--what would you wear it with? It was beaded. I have since unraveled it all, as you can see below. At this point in life, I can laugh at myself and look upon it as a learning experience. I learned some new stitches.

Lots of work.

Unraveled and ready to be made into socks. The pill jar holds the beads, not medication!

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