Sewing Bags and Loving Life!

 So, after a year of retirement, I have found the rhythm of my days revolve around sewing, knitting, aquafit, yoga, reading, cooking, and bread making. Life is good.

The week I retired and moved to New Brunswick, I bought myself a sewing machine from the Janome dealer in town. He has a good reputation, and since I still visit my former home to see my son and best friends, I can take advantage of tune-ups at his shop.

Then I discovered and became a sewing fiend. I enrolled in Bag Making Basics: A Reversible Tote and made a number of bags and zippered pouches, using a variety of fabric remnants. (Sometimes, that is a fancy word for scraps--but my Granny would be proud!) This course is FREE, and is a good introduction to returning to sewing, or an even more basic bag making class is Bag-Making Basics: Drawstring Bag and Bucket Bag for those of you who are just starting out with machine sewing. (I am not affiliated with Craftsy, but I do love their courses. Just be sure to never pay full price, they go on sale frequently!)

 The instructions are printable, but the video lessons were easy to watch. This is especially good for refreshing your skills if you have been away from sewing for a while, as I had. There is a 30 second repeat for reviewing tricky aspects of any sewing project.

Below, you can see some of the mittens I had knit for presents, to go along with the bags. These are great to take along on trips to pack in your basic cosmetics, or to use as a pouch to slip in your wallet for a short trip to the shops, while carrying a stylish shopping tote.

The instructors on Craftsy answer questions, as each video is interactive, and you can find the issues or questions posted by other sewists (looks better than sewers, in print--but I am having trouble getting used to the word!)

I added a T-Shirt, and some gift cards in the pouches for the men in my family. The pouches were made of a wool tweed. The mittens were for my niece.

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