Owl Sweater Vest and Butterwick Pants

I kind of fell in love with making owls for a few months. Here is a design for a vest with the owls as a border around the chest. The yarn is Cleckheaton worsted for both the green and the taupe with little beads for  the eyes. I made the pants out of a thin wale corduroy, with a cotton stripe as the lining. The pattern for the pants was fairly easy, but when I make it again, I will make the pants a little more narrow. I find that today's diapers are so snug fitting, that they really do not need the extra gathers around the bum. 

Butterwick B5584 NB size and the pants are medium (largest size in the pattern)

Vest is a free patterns from Jodi Haraldson on Ravelry. Free to join, and free to download as a PDF. Instructions were easy to follow.

 When looking for owls, just google it or put it in the search on Ravelry, and you will be surprised (or not) by the number of patterns, wall decals, hats, mitts, sweaters, socks and even home decor that has all manner of owl motifs! 

Who  o o o knew?

The back below is plain. but quite manly, I think! I made it for my nephew's little boy when he was one and a half. 

Another thought is that most parents don't use the snaps at the bottom of overalls to change diapers, either. It seems to be much easier to slip off the overalls and just change the diaper, snap back on the onesie, and pull up the overalls. So, I won't be looking for the snap tape at the local sewing shop, either. Easier for mom and dad, and one less step for Grandma!

What are the motifs that you like to knit in your projects? Where do you find your patterns for children?

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