Quilt for Asher

My daughter designed a beautiful grey/white/yellow nursery for their first baby. She did not know the gender, so wanted to create a peaceful space in the tiny bedroom nursery. She layered the walls with broad white and grey horizontal stripes, painted the furniture white, and set up a white chair beside the crib. On the windows she made long white drapes with a pale yellow border. She has good taste and a fine design sense. Pops of color came from some of the baby's first books along a border close to the chair. This time for reading has become part of Asher's routine before naps and bedtime.

The pale yellow chenille quilt was one of the items I made for the baby shower. And my sister, who hosted the shower had this beautiful cake made to represent the colors my daughter had chosen.
I wanted to explore my new quilting skills and after seeing the beautiful modern quilt designs by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr, I took a Craftsy course on Designing Modern Quilts. This course came with one of their patterns, Palm Springs Quilt, which I don't see on their web site. I decided to make the quilt using the colour scheme that my daughter had picked out. What do you think?

 It has  trapezoid shapes set end to end, so I quilted along the edges of the border. The back was pieced with some extras and I added a strip of yellow, which I now wish I had echoed on the left side of the top piecing, but overall, I was very pleased with the results. I think Asher will enjoy snuggling up in his quilt and reading when he is a little older. For now, I hope this quilt makes the whole family happy.

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