Super Hero Hit!

What Grandma? You made me a Super Hero? And a back pack? 

And you got the pattern from  

Shiny Happy World.

It is awesome!  His hair sticks up a little like mine does!

 By day he is a little boy, playing with his trucks and cars. But by night . . . . . . . . . . . . .

 He turns into a SUPER HERO!

He flies through the air with his cape and looks for ways to make the world safe!


The pattern was detailed and easy to follow. I love the cartoon look of the character, called Karl on Wendi's web site. Shiny Happy World. The PDF pattern loaded instantly and has links to videos to help with any of the tricky parts to the pattern. I highly recommend it!

I made the backpack with fabric that I won by sharing a Facebook link to

I have purchased fabric from this Canadian online store before to make a quilt and found the service and quality of the fabric to be excellent.

I quilted the animal print fabric, made straps, and a flap, as well as a lining out of the red and yellow fabric. I used two key rings to add the tabs at the bottom of the bag, so that the straps would be adjustable with velcro.

I love this little super hero. It reminds me of the little super hero drawings that my talented sons painted all over their bedroom walls, (with permission, of course!) They loved the idea of saving the world from evil, and had many hours of fun playing with their imaginative super heros made from plasticine. I was happy to find an equivalent pattern to make one for our grandson, Asher.

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