Tribute Quilt to Saul Bass . . . or apologies!

Not to Everyone's Taste: But I love my son!

I asked my son for some ideas for a quilt. I said, "I'm learning new techniques, and have watched some videos on Craftsy about applique, so think of the designs and artists you like, and perhaps they can inspire something a little different." Now, my son, Peter is very interesting. He loves people, humor, film noir, the graphic novel world, and is sensitive to the feelings of others. Currently, in addition to his day job, he is completing his last course at Second City and is part of a comedy troupe, HighBrau--put two dots over the u, please!

I will be adding more navy fabric to the sides, and will use the orange houndstooth for a thin border, and have decided to back the quilt with flannel.

This is the poster by Saul Bass, for the movie.
So, when he said he liked the graphic art of Saul Bass, who did a lot of the movie posters in the '60s, I had a look at them. Well, immediately, I saw the poster for the movie by Otto Preminger's Anatomy of a Murder, as IDEAL for a quilt. Except, the body became the sleeping person dreaming! And, I changed the black and orange to Navy and Orange with the words appliqued in a houndstooth orange and white.

I felt a little like Matisse, when I freehand cut out the body parts, or perhaps you might think "Edward Scissorhands". But, when I tried to draw the body parts they just did not work as well, so thank you, Matisse!

Now, for some technical details: I will cut half the navy fabric length again down the middle to add width to the body, and the orange body parts still have to be turned 1/4 inch along the margins and appliqued down. But, I was so pleased that what I had in my head, could be done by a newbie quilter, that I had to post this, now.

I used freezer paper for the letters, ironing the cut letters to the fabric. (Who knew that freezer paper could be ironed to fabric, giving it enough stiffness to fold back the edges?) Then I glued them down (fabric glue stick, then I just used a generic paper glue stick when I ran out of the fabric one--just a little stiffer, but still very easy to use.) Then I used some 1/4 Steam-A-Seam to iron on the letters onto the orange.

When I applique the orange onto the blue, I haven't decided to cut out the navy background from the body parts. As I said, I am new to the quilting world, so if you have advice, please leave a comment.

I'd also appreciate advice about quilting this. I think I will stitch in the ditch around the body, and I thought of stitching in a heart, but that might be too cute.

So, to any of you young ladies (with a future pension) who might be interested in my son, you will have to accept this quilt, along with his many wonderful qualities.
 (And I will be checking that the quilt is appreciated.)

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