Outdoor Fabric: New Cushions and a BBQ Cover

I found this bright outdoor fabric and decided to update our faded and worn cushions from the patio set we had brought with us from Ontario.

I bought 5 meters (about 4.5 yards) and made this! I had to try it out on the mound of snow that was not melting one bit, despite this being May!

This is just to prove that the snow did melt by June 15, 2014. Y0u can see how the BBQ cover and chairs pop against the house. My husband had done a great job building the boxes--now if the deer and groundhogs stay away from the new growth, we will be happy gardeners!

I sewed French Seams, after serging the edges, and then used indoor outdoor thread to ensure that the thread would not weather before the fabric does. (In fact, I bought 3 spools, when only one spool in the bobbins and the top lasted for all six cushions, a BBQ cover, and a yoga bag--I know, too much.)
Here I am showing you how I boxed in the corners. I sewed the seam, then pulled out the two sides so that the seam was in the middle. Then I measured horizontally 2 and 1/2 inches and drew a line. When you sew across that line, it forms a box corner. I trimmed the triangle off, leaving a seam, which I serged. Because the serged seam is inside the cushion, it should not weather. I have no idea how I would rethread my serger with the indoor/outdoor thread. It is new to me, and I am at the bottom of the learning curve.

So, I had some fabric left, and decided I needed a yoga bag. I found the pattern directions on Janome's Sew4Home. It was pretty simple. It has a pocket for my YMCA pass and locker key.  I made the little key pouch from directions from 

Our BBQ cover was in tatters after the long winter. I pulled away the green tattered plastic, and saved the poly batting that was mostly intact and used that as a pattern. Then, I had the right amount of fabric left, and seamed it altogether, using flat felled seams. Now, my husband thinks I should buy some more fabric and re-make the faded patio umbrella. So . . . 

And here is the BBQ cover and one of the chairs in more temperate times. I'll post a photo of us sitting outside when the mosquitos settle down.

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