Second Time Around: Vogue 1385 Sandra Betzina Design

I loved the way that Sandra Betzina designed this pattern. The options were to make it more open, or more fitted. So, with the first time that I made this, you might remember that I fitted the front darts, and used the back darts. I had to extend the back darts a little more, and felt that the bust was ok, but I could make it better if I added a French dart.

I also chose a cotton sateen in a gorgeous turquoise color. The funky buttons were something I had my eye one for a while and make the blouse a little more casual, as well as opening up the idea that these would match my beige pants that I made a while ago, and was now motivated to hem!

This is the result: I exchanged the center from fish eye dart, and replaced it with a longer french dart of about 1.5 inches. But buttons are quite large, so I only put 3 in strategic areas. They are wooden with thin black circles and splotches of turquoise, lime, red and blue paint dripped on them.
 I finally had enough courage to try the blind hem foot on my sewing machine, and was very pleased with the results. By serging the hem line first, it made it easier to fold back the hem fold and use the foot carefully sewing along the edge of the serging and letting the occasional zig catch the good side of the pants to hold the hem in place. I will use this again, even though I do find the hand stitching quite relaxing.

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