Update on the Tribute to Saul Bass Quilt

So I have decided to create a spiral for the quilting on Peter's Tribute to Saul Bass quilt. But, darn, that was really hard. Because most of the quilt is navy, I decided to use navy thread, but start the quilt in the chest area and keep going outward. The navy would be close together, and create a regularly textured feeling on the flannel back. Plus, it gives it that vortex look that old TV had as a special effect when I was a little kid. Well, when you have a tiny sewing machine. It is REALLY difficult to get the whole quilt spiraling through the tiny arm. And, I do so want to quilt this myself. It is for my son, you know?

This was the first attempt. So confident that I'd have no problem with the walking foot, that I used tiny stitches. BIG MISTAKE! It did get a little easier, but my hands were aching and it looked more like a spider web spun by a mad scientist's crack addicted spider.

So, I picked out all the stitches and started again. Stay tuned. I also switched to a free motion foot, and used orange thread.

Here is half the backing: Flannel in a small print tweed, with a border at the top of plain navy flannel with two little orange bars--because that's what I had that I liked.

Notice the T-Square, pins, quilting ruler and chalk marker on the floor. I Spy for quilters.

I'll post photos of the better quilting. But, I wanted to set your expectations lower before the next posting!

Thanks for reading! Come back in a couple of days.

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