Acadian Cinnamon Biscuits by Janice

My friend, Janice lives next door. She is becoming an amazing quilter and you can see some of her quilts here and here. Would you believe that she only started quilting a year ago?

Well, I shared my pizza making lessons with her last year. Since then, we have made lots of pizzas for our families and visitors. I often use the leftover pizza dough and roll it up to make cinnamon buns for breakfast and snacks.

Janice said that she found the pizza bread dough buns did not keep well. "WHAT? You keep them long enough that they seem stale?"

Janice has self-control. She portions out servings and sticks to it. That is why she is very slim. I should try it. Some day.

Well, I asked her to show me how to make the Acadian Cinnamon buns that her mother often made, which she says stay fresher than the bread dough buns. (I might have a hard time testing that out, though!)

HEAVEN! These were the buns that our kids and Tod and I devoured while in Cheticamp, in Cape Breton Island when we traveled the Cape Breton Trail. Such a beautiful Acadian village on the windswept side of the island. We stopped for these buns each morning at a little bakery prior to exploring the trail and watching our kids play with the rocks in the shallow river beside our motel. One bun and it brought back all those memories.

Here is the recipe. Janice writes down the name of the person who shared the recipe, but she remembers it as the one her mother made. Like all good Acadian cooks, Mme. Bourque just made them without a recipe. Most of us can do that with stews, sauces, and soups, but baking is a little more exact! So, Cathy Buckingham probably wrote this recipe while watching another wonderful 'add a little of this; add a little of that'. So happy that Janice and Cathy can share this here.

Cut in the butter or margerine into the flour, sugar, baking powder mixture with two knives, your fingers or a pastry cutter until crumbly. Then add the milk and stir, until it comes together. Pat it down in the bowl, turning it over onto itself until it comes together. Roll it out  into a rectangle, and  spread it with butter. Layer on the cinnamon/brown sugar mixture. Roll it carefully and seal the edges. Cut evenly into circles and fit it in a buttered muffin tin. Bake for 20-25 minutes at 350 degrees F. Let cool a little and spread on the icing. Share with your neighbour while still a little warm. Perfect!

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