Ricotta Cheese at Home

Have you seen the price of Ricotta Cheese these days? When I saw the easy recipe on the Canadian Living  website, I decided to try it. Three ingredients.  Milk, salt, and vinegar.

I couldn't find organic 3.24% whole milk, so I just bought the regular whole milk at my local grocer's.

2 L of milk (8 cups)
 7 ml or 1/2 tsp. of salt
5 tbsp of white vinegar

Use a heavy bottom pan, a quick read thermometer, and a timer. Choose a low burning element or burner on your stove. You will need at least an hour of your time.

The milk took just as long as Canadian Living Testers said: 40 minutes to reach 225 degrees F, or 95 degrees Celsius. I just kept stirring and checking and resisted the urge to turn the heat up to high. I did keep it on low, as my gas burners seem to run hot. Also,  I used the smallest burner. I think taking the time to get the milk to the right temp is needed for the process.

It looked kind of gross when the vinegar went in. Immediately, the curds started to form, leaving behind the yellowish whey. I felt like Little Miss Muffet. I stirred it slowly 3 times. Then, I left it for 20 minutes.

I wet the cheesecloth, and draped it over a bowl. Once the mixture had relaxed for the 20 minutes, I started straining the curds onto the damp cheesecloth. I let it drain by tying the cheesecloth around the spoon handle and putting that through the vinegar bottle handle and toaster.

 This has a very mild taste. I might add a touch more salt. It would be good with some fresh fruit, or some herbs from the garden. As I want to make a lasagna, I will be adding an egg, some herbs, and putting it between layers of noodles and sauce, and Italian sausage, and spinach. Yum!

I'd do this again. It does take time, but, being retired, I can plan my day as I like. I know the ingredients, and will look for organic milk, just to see if there is a difference. Apparently, there is a little more fat in organic milk, compared to regular. I'm hoping there is not a great taste difference, so I can feel virtuous by not craving the higher fat content.

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