A Quilt with Botanicals

I had ordered a set of fat quarters from Craftsy, thinking that it would be what was needed to do the pattern that was shown with this set. It is called Botanicals, by Joel Dewberry. I loved the large scale print, and the coordinating geometrics. I paired these with white to make a modern style quilt, from the pattern of Atkinson Designs, Urban Cabin Quilt.

I learned to starch my fabrics from Anita Grossman Solomon.
She recommended washing the fabrics, then while damp, adding them to a large Ziploc bag with liquid starch, at a ratio of 1:1. I added 1.5 cups Evenflo liquid starch to 1.5 water. I kept moving the fabrics around, and ensuring that the fat quarters were evenly moistened. Then, overnight in the fridge! By the way, Canadians have to rely on going to the USA to get liquid starch! We have the spray starch, but you need an awful lot of that expensive spray can to get the effect you want. I find that starching the fabrics allows you to have crisp edges, and it just feels so good. You wash the starch out after quilting the layers together. I will use my new can of spray baste to layer the quilt top, batting, and backing together to quilt. My machine needs a little servicing after my last quilting adventure!

They turned out beautifully sized, with the iron easily making them crisp and smooth. Then, I had to follow the directions very carefully to cut all the pieces out for the Urban Cabin Quilt that I am making for my god-daughter's wedding gift. Here is one layout I tried. I photographed it in grey scale to see if I was balancing all the values, so that I didn't have a cluster of darker or lighter values all in one place. It works; give that a try! You can see that in the middle, I have too many darker values, so it was easy to change them at this stage. I'll post photos of the quilt, when it is finished.

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