Cotton Mesh Tunic

So, I was a little worried that this would read as a Macrame Plant Pot Hanging, but I actually love it! I was thinking that I would make an open front cardi cut on the bias, but there would have been a lot of threads hanging. Instead, I used Vogue 8504, with the asymmetrical neckband, where I used twill tape to stabilize the neckline.

I carefully matched all the side seams, and the shoulder seams. There are no darts, and it just fits loosely. I can use it as a cover-up, if I every get to a beach.

It feels great, very natural, clean, and hides any little figure bulges from the summer treats!

I used a small zig zag to do the seams and finished with the serger. Using the serger is what I imagine people feel when they drive a race car . . . a little danger at a high speed. Like running with scissors!

I also bought this fabric in black. I want to make a different pattern. Any ideas?
Just another one of those beautiful fall days!

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