Blog Hop And Why I Sew

Thanks to my friend and sewing mentor, Diana of Sew Passionista, who nominated me for this blog hop. I'll keep my answers short, so you can get back to sewing!

Why Do I Write?

While I was still teaching, my friend and former principal suggested I start a blog about what I knew about teaching special education and working with students in the public school system who were on the Autism Spectrum. I was retiring that year, and she felt that I had knowledge that needed to be shared. So, that is what you see in my labels. After I retired and moved 1600 km away, I knew that I didn't have the same connections to write authoritatively about that subject.

I had bought myself a basic sewing machine as a retirement present, and through sewing, I was able to meet people like Diana, and her sewing students, who have now become cherished friends. Sewing became my passion, and I decided the blog would be a record of what I am learning, as well as a way for my friends and family back in Ontario to see what I was doing.

How Does My Writing Process Work?

I try to remember to take photos as I work, and then get my husband to take photos of me in the finished product. Despite sewing every day, I find it hard to get the photos done. I think it is because I am not confident in styling the finished product. This is an area that I need to work on, and I visit many blogs to see what works.

I find the writing part fairly easy, as I just figure I am talking to like-minded sewists. It is not surprising that people who sew are generous, creative, and love to teach and share what they know.

What Am I Working On Now?

Karen and I are finishing up tunics from Sandra Betzina V1101 that we started in the summer, but got side tracked with the jean jackets. Those pocket details, and using stripes are a challenge! But, with Diana's sew-along which is linked above, I know we will be pleased with the end result. My next goal is to become more comfortable with techniques for working with knits.

One area on which I hope to improve is to choose the right fabrics and to get a feel for what fabrics fit specific patterns. Diana mixes a number of patterns and fabrics. She makes it look easy, but I find it quite a challenge.

I am also working on revamping my blog. I have had difficulty deleting my former postings on teaching, but that is in the past, and I am fully embracing the sewing world and its creative potential. Sewing is a great way to spend the day and it leads you to finding the best friends. It provides life long learning, and gives me great satisfaction.

Who Do I Nominate?

Well, I would like to nominate  Gillian at Crafting a Rainbow. I check out her videos about fabric choices. She is a relatively new sewist, starting in 2012, which is the year I retired. Her sister has a knitting blog, which is another hobby that I love.

So, enough about me! What are you sewing? Why do you blog?

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