My Mother's Colors: Quilted Wall Hanging

My mother and I have a lot in common. We try new things. We love colors, and tend to overdose on the same cool tones, before moving on.

These ARE my mother's colors, at the moment. She had a beautiful water color painting above the master bed, but it has faded in the light. When she saw this quilt kit made up at a local quilt shop, she bought it and said, "Donna can make that."

I was happy to oblige. It sewed up very quickly. Being a kit, the fabric was cut into manageable pieces and only needed trimming to size. There are four large blocks, a border and binding.

And, I LOVED working with the colors. I bought some gold thread, and borrowed my friend's stencil to do the star in the middle of the gold/purple squares. Everything was free motion quilted, except for the border, where I used the walking foot and decided to do a wavy pattern with the zig zag stretch stitch on my basic Janome sewing machine.

At first, I tried to do a clover leaf and meandering pattern on the large flowered blocks, but the quilting took away from the flowers, so I switched to invisible thread and quilted around the flowers. That worked better, but now I know how the Emperor's Clothes were stitched!

I washed it in cold water, and love the wrinkled, old look the cotton batting gave to this lap quilt/wall hanging. I added some corner flaps and a middle hanger square for a dowel rod to slide through. Bill will have no problem hanging this above the bed.

Now, to fit it in my carry on luggage for my trip to Ontario!

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