Sandra Betzina's Jean Jacket Vogue 7610

Under the direction of Diana, at The Sewing Passionista, my sewing friend, Karen and I were inspired to sew jean jackets, with a lighter fabric before tackling denim. Of course, I was drawn to the water like Monet colours of this cotton in an Annette Stretch Pique Print, 97% cotton 3% spandex. I promise, to start moving away from the Monet color scheme, but I do love those blues, mauves, and limes. And, when Karen is finished her jacket, I'll post photos, so you can see what a normal person chooses.

I also really wish this jacket pattern was still in print. It has ABCD bust choices, so it fits very well, without having to do a Full Bust Adjustment.

What I Learned:
I did practise a lot of top stitching, but for the jean jacket in denim, I will use top stitching thread, or Extra Strong Guterman. Here, I tried double thread on top, and regular polyester in the bottom, but didn't like that some of the stitches looked loose, so I kept to single polyester on top, and changed colours, as I do seem to have a variety of mauves, blues, and navy threads!

I also learned more about working with stripes: they require more planning than I like!
 As I was cutting this out, I was trying to keep the stripes in the 5 pattern pieces for the back fairly cohesive. I laid the fabric out in a single layer because I do have some issues with poor spatial awareness, and with the irregular stripe, I felt that I needed to take my time. The blue stripe tended to appear irregularly, and when it wasn't centered, it made the jacket seem to be lopsided, so I chose to center it. Well, BIG MISTAKE. When I sewed it together, I felt an affinity for the Pepe Le P, and a voice from some sewing mentor in the past, rose up saying, "Never put a bold stripe down the middle of your back." Unfortunately the voice came after it was sewn and top stitched, so I had to think of a solution.

Voila! I cut out a piece without that bold stripe and matched the V, then pinned it below the yoke, top stitched it and deleted the mistake.

 I felt pretty proud of myself, because the stripe really bothered me, once I had sewn the body together.
I used a striking green fabric for the under collar, cuff linings, and facings, and used snaps, rather than buttons. I kept the snaps a little low key as I didn't want to have the jacket look "jeweled or bedazzeled", despite the bright colors!
For those of you who like stop motion, seasick-inducing automatic gifs from Goggle. I figure if I watch it, I feel like I have exercised. 

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