Hudson Bay Blanket

 Here is the finished front of the quilt. And here are the 8 1/2 inch panels with a more modern take for the back. I plan on making these float in a navy background, and inserting 4 varying sized black stripes to echo the way the Hudson Bay Company determined the size of the blankets, when they were folded.

Our grandson is ready to move into his 'big boy bed' and our daughter wanted to make the room a Canadiana style room. What is more Canadian than the woolen Hudson's Bay Blanket, made in England? Well, this quilt based on that design with fabric from Ontario and sewn in New Brunswick will soon be finished. I'm hoping my Acadian friend will long arm quilt it.

As a personal touch, I'm designing a modern take on the traditional HBC blanket for the back of the quilt. Once my daughter and grandson see it, I'll share it here. 

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