Sewing Notes and Learning Experiences

I have been sewing almost every day, but have made a few duds. I tried very hard to follow directions to do a Full Bust Adjustment (FBA) on some shirts that I made. I love Pam Howard's Classic Shirt class on Craftsy. She has such a calm, methodical way of explaining things, that I'm sure my heart rate and blood pressure drop as I sew with her telling me what to do in the background. I made 3 different shirts which have very good tailoring techniques, but the FBAs did not work out. One of the shirts looked billowy enough to not need the FBA, in fact, it didn't even call for a dart, so I made the size that measured right. The billowy part is in the back and the damn bust is too tight!! How did that happen?????

I made a really nice blouse a couple of years ago, but I chose TABLECLOTH fabric. I still love the fabric, but MAN, it can get hot. Now that I know more, but way less than I need to know about fabric choice, I am self-conscious about wearing it. So, I'm going to remove the buttons, and cut it up as demonstration pieces for my project binder.

Yes, I said Project Binder. It is about time, that I made samples of what I am learning. It will help when I need to find the method. It will be an heirloom for some obscure relative who will think I was amazing--perhaps 50 years from now!! And, I have visions of one my friend, Deb shared with me. She has the most beautiful penmanship and kept her notes in beautiful binders from about 30 years ago. I saw them once and was instantly smitten by the idea. Mine will not be so beautiful, but everyone needs something to which to aspire. So far, I have made a sample of Kenneth D. King's origami patch pocket, and Kathy Ruddy's cheater pocket. Also, I have bras that are in the process of being refined. (I am at the point where I love two bras, and neither one has straps that fall off the shoulder.)

I am starting to keep notes on what I am making. When I realize how far I have come in 3 years of sewing, it pleases me. But, when I realize that something could be improved, I turn back to the garment and cannot for the life of me remember if I had made a change. So, I need a system.

I'd love it if you could share some of ways you keep records of your sewing growth! And I do mean growth--every mistake leads to a new "Aha!" Right?

If I keep notes, some future seamstress will be very happy with me--that is, if my children don't just burn all my stuff in some Viking Funeral Pyre on the St. John River.

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