Need for a Shoe Iron and Silk Organza Pressing cloth

All of my sewing mentors recommend the use of a Silk Organza Pressing cloth. I bought 5 yards of silk organza from the Dharma Trading Company a few years ago, and although I haven't used it for the original purpose, I definitely have used many scraps and rectangles for pressing cloths.

BUT . . . you have to use one to protect your fabric. My case in point:

I just got to the last sleeve and realized that I forgot about the French seam. Since almost ever seam on this damn blouse had to be redone a few times due to putting wrong sides together, or to puckering seams, I decided that I would try to press it for a flat felled seam. Unfortunately, I do not own a teflon shoe for my iron. Santa might be buying me one next week, though. And, because it was so fiddly to iron the seam, I neglected to use the silk organza over this crazy poly silk charmeuse, which does not take a press very well.

Luckily, I have just enough fabric to cut out another sleeve and placket lining.

Things you learn from my mistakes:

1. Use a teflon shoe iron.
2. Use your silk organza pressing strip, even on small seams.
3. Starch the seams of poly silk organza.
4. Make shirts out of real silk charmeuse, or linen, or cotton.
5. Don't set your iron on the highest setting just because you want it to heat up fast. (Yes, I confess I thought that would be a good idea.)

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