Fitting from the Inside Out!

Thanks to Beverly Johnson of BraMakers Supply in Hamilton, Ontario, I have a perfectly fitting pattern for my undergarment. I had started making bras with the two Craftsy classes, (for which there is a 1/2 off price link on Beverly's Blog). I was close, but not quite there with the 4 bras that I made. All 4 of those bras are wearable, but not perfect, and damn it . . . I was going to get something perfect! I found out that I needed two different sized wires. That is a difficult part of fitting.

Lots of beautiful colours, findings,
lace and elastics for choices. 
I signed up for Classic Bra Making 101, which is a two day course. Beverly fits and Denise teaches. It is a good combination--Denise pins! Then, we had Sunday off, and returned for the Shelley pattern, which includes a power bar and is drafted from the perfect Classic Pin Up pattern we made in the first class. The next day, we made the Alison Sports bra, and finished it up at home. It was an intensive 4 days, and we also sewed on Sunday--determined to get the right fit for Karen before the Shelley Bra Pattern class.

Beverly is cutting away the lining to reveal the foam cups.
Trust is essential--and Beverly has lots of experience!

My friend, Karen came with me and since we went together, each of us got a $50 dollar credit. All supplies were included in the courses, except for the cover of the Alison sports bra, but that required .5 meters of a swimsuit, or wickable fabric. We could have used some in the shop, but opted for bright colours and pattern - - - lots of pattern!

After 4 days of discussing bras, and fitting, there was no modesty left. We actually thought of wearing our bras proudly on the outside!

Karen and I waited to board and reviewed our notes.
What a great experience! Beverly was determined that we leave happy with the fit. Because I had done a lot of work ahead of time, I knew that I needed two different cup sizes. Also, I needed a tuck in the back band, as well as a small dart in the Shelley bra to bring the straps in a quarter of an inch. So many little adjustments, but with Beverly's help, it meant that I wasn't sewing endless number of bras, making one change at a time, which can be discouraging, not to mention a little pricey. So, with the cost of the course, and including the trip to visit family, I feel on top of the world. And, it was so nice to go with a 'bosom buddy'. We had lots of late night giggles over our sewing adventures!

A special thanks to my sister, Debbie and her husband, Walter who were perfect hosts. Dinner was ready on the table; a car was at hand for me to drive (and get lost) to and from Hamilton; and big breakfasts were provided by Walter. Dinner was ready for us when we got home after a long day of sewing. After dinner, Karen and I continued to sew in the evening in their dining room. We tried hard to pick up all the threads, but I'm sure we left some behind.

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