Fitting the Butterick 6026 Katherine Tilton blouse

I love the pin tucks on this blouse by Katherine Tilton. I used a loose weave linen/cotton blend in navy. I cut a size 16, did a narrow shoulder adjustment of 1/2 inch, a swayback adjustment of 3/4 inch and shortened the sleeves by 1 inch. I think that making blouses is very satisfying and my technical skills are improving. 
I added an armscye dart of 1/2 inch but decided to do a full bust adjustment on the second blouse, as well as lengthen the whole blouse by 2 inches. Ignore that line above the bust dart in the close up. I can't figure out where that came from. 
I love sewing the pin tucks. It adds texture and shaping to the blouse. For the life of me, I don't know how to stand to avoid showing strange folds and creases, and weird expressions. Oh, well. 

I find the length of the coral blouse about an inch too long, so when I started the third blouse, I only lengthened it one inch and left off the sleeves. I found the 2 inch lengthen to be a little awkward when sitting, and I needed a couple of snaps in strategic areas as the buttons were a little off. The things I am learning with every sewing project!
1.  I love sewing with linen and cotton shirting. It stays put and feels good. 
2.  Pin tucks are very pretty. But, you need to deal with the threads. 
3.  I need to finish my photography course and let my husband off the hook. 

What are your favourite fabrics to wear or sew?

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