Sewing Men's Underwear: Pin Up Girls Lillebrot pattern.

I found the perfect cotton Lycra knit to make a comfortable pair of knot boxers for my husband who is training for his next half marathon. He has completed over 20 half marathons since having a double bypass in 1999. Tod does not have a typical runner's physique. In fact, there is a category called Clydesdale.  Heart issues run in his family and Tod has committed himself to healthy eating and regular exercise. After getting into cardio rehab after the surgery, walking, then running was recommended. He says he loves running; it helps him start his day, provides time to think. 

These provide close fitting, but not restrictive support and include a sling to prevent chafing and to keep all the man parts in place. So I'm told. 

Normally I would be working on my goal of improving my pattern drafting skills, but today the power was out (on a gorgeous sunny warm day), so that gave me time to cut out some patterns. Tod is so supportive of my sewing, that he deserves the occasional hand made item. (For every 10 pins imbedded in his foot--1 pair of underwear?) 

Things I learned:

1.  Most waistline elastic is sewn on at 4 inches less than the waist measurement. 
2.  Use a stretch 75 needle by Schmetz. They even have stretch twin needles that I used for the hems. 
3.  Stitch then serge. 
4.  Cut knits with a rotary cutter.
5.  I had to add one inch to lengthen.
6.  Committed woven boxer fans can be converted with this fabric and pattern. 
7.  Sewing underwear with a good pattern is quick and easy and immediate gratification. 

What do you sew for the men in your life?

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