This is the sheer cup lining bra that I made this summer. It was my second time using fold over elastic, but the first time I was successful in applying it. I did it in one pass, and used a small zigzag, 3 length, and 3 width. I tried the recommended size that Beverly Johnson uses on her Craftsy class, but my machine stitch settings seem to be either too tiny to be possible, or way too large, so I test and found that this was just right.

I love this bra. I changed the seam lines by cutting my classic pattern of Pin Up Girls to foam and changing the seam lines to horizontal and a vertical seam in the lower cup. It fits beautifully and felt so cool in the hot summer weather. I applied some beads in the front, above the Gothic Arch.  I stitched a tiny seam at the top of the cup. That bra lining is very sturdy and joined the strap to the two fold over elastic ends, as neatly as I could.

What I learned:
1. Bra Cup lining is very easy to work with, as it has very slight stretch on the DOGS, and no stretch perpendicular to the Direction of Greatest Stretch.
2. I love the peach colour of this bra, so much so, I bought that instead of the beige for my friend, Deb. You can shoot the messenger.
3. Horizontal lines are very flattering.
4. It is hard to line up horizontal seam lines on asymmetrical cups, but it can be done.
5. Don't forget to cut away the seam allowance under the arms, and along the neckline, when using Fold Over Elastic (FOE).
6. Although this bra is quite see through, you cannot see anything under a T-shirt, or cotton blouse. Not sure about a chiffon blouse--better check!!!

How do you use bra cup lining?

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