How Should a Bra Fit?

Did you know that a bra can be comfortable by supporting your breasts, providing a pleasing shape, and the straps can stay on your shoulders? Most people dislike wearing a wired bra, but the wires together with the band take the weight of the breasts off of your shoulders and back. You should not notice the wires in a well fitted bra. The cup should fit each breast, which might mean that each cup is not exactly the same configuration.

Donna uses quality fabrics, sourced from the Bra Making capital of Canada: Hamilton, Ontario from

BraMakers' Supply. Elastics, cup and back band fabric, as well as the fittings are custom dyed to ensure a beautiful combination of fabrics and elastics.

You have a choice. Do you want bras made for you, or would you like to learn how to sew your own bra. Both are available. Book an appointment with Donna to discuss the possibilities.

506-292-7275 Intimate Fit Bras: Custom fit for you.

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