Bra Making Classes

Learn how to sew your own bra in this two day class. Previous sewing experience is necessary. Bras are made with straight stitch, and zig zag. You will need a sewing machine that you have used before.

Donna will meet with you prior to the class, so that you can try on a bra closest to your fit. You will try wires on against the naked breast in order to find the wire that will not pinch or dig in at the side. The wire will help support the breast weight along with the bottom band elastic. Then, you will try on Donna's tester bras to get to the closest size of cups and band.

From this starting point, Donna will show you how to lay out the pattern, cut it out, sew it together, apply the channeling and elastics, top stitch the seams, and add the fittings, hooks and eyes. The fit will be evaluated and any adjustments made to ensure a custom fit for you. These changes will be applied to the pattern. Kits will be available for purchase so that you go home with a pattern that fits you, and a new kit or kits to make bras in a variety of colours! You will have a written handout of the process, as well as your own pattern.

Each class comes with Beverly Johnson's Pin Up Girls' Classic pattern, and a starter kit where you will learn to sew your first bra. This is a bra to learn how to sew bras, and to adjust the fit for you. Will you need to move the straps in? Will one cup need a dart, or a wedge to accommodate the breast tissue? Perhaps the underarm band needs to be raised or lowered. All these adjustments will be considered to ensure that your next bra, started on Day 2 will fit you properly.

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